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Woman is wearing Dress with pants underneath

Do you prefer a dress over pants? Or maybe you love both? It may also be that you don’t feel comfortable in mini dresses. Wearing a dress and pants, stylish at the moment, are a perfect fit for every woman! There is no wrong style of course. Check our ideas on how to create and outfit from dresses and pants to feel comfy but chic!

The origins of the style

The style of wearing something long and flowy like a dress over something consisting of two parts, like pants has been with us from the Middle Ages or even longer. However, the audience insights on the Internet probably will show that the current trend is mostly connected to 2000s fashion.

High rise waist dresses, regular dresses over pants, a skirt, a T-shirt and pants were the dominant trend at that time. The fashion from around 20 years ago may not seem appealing, but what has come to fashion in spring 2022 is something totally different and more up-to-date for your wardrobe opinions. Fashion show purposes may be obscure but the comfort of girls and dress over pants Vogue look is certain.

Dresses that can look well in dress over pants outfit:

  • long weightless dresses,
  • button-up frocks,
  • mini dresses,
  • asymetric dresses,
  • simple minimalist dresses.

Who wears dress pants?

Miley Cyrus and Ashley Tisdale are famous for interesting outfits. They wore a dress with pants too. What famous dress pants outfits did they create? White heels, black pants and zebra dress or silk blue dress with red spots, red high rise shoes and jeans with red beads will be two examples of outfits worn by the former star. The latter opted for a pale pink dress with wide leg pants from denim.

A dress and pants – outfits

Although dress and pants together were a style in 2000s in pop culture, the trend has come back and will probably stay with us in some way. Preferring dresses over pants will be no more since more women pull on pants underneath their dresses more and more often. It doesn’t matter whether you wardrobe is full of Banana Republic, H&M or second hand clothes. Pull off an outfit from trousers or leggings with a dress to look cute but stylish.

Quality and comfort first

Ideal fabric for pants under dress

Choose a machine washable durable fabric for the dress over pants look and find something to accentuate the waist. You can even pair the dress pants with a shoelace, as some fashionistas have done. Accessories for waist area also include a kidney or waist bag. Wear one for dresses over pants creations if you need documents or cash at hand. Let your pants and the dress be comfy but trendy. Natural materials will of course be more breathable and healthier for your skin while wool will give warmth but also let some air in. Thus, wear dress over pants for every season.

Wear dresses not only for the summer

Wearing a dress over pants may be a great way of layering clothes for winter. Search in your wardrobe for a pair of jeans or warmer pants and style those with a warm sweater dress or a mini dress with a zippered or buttoned sweater on top. Such an outfit can be worn with boots for extra warmth. Remember about matching hat and scarf!

Skinny jeans and a dress

Tight jeans are great for styling a dress with them. Well tailored trousers will create a flattering outfit. Wear a shift dress and style everything with espadrilles, or stilettos for special occasions. For a different look, pair jeans with a long dress that is like a button-up frock. Wearing such an outfit with the dress over pants with stilettos is elegant and gives you a feminine look with no reasons to worry for women that too much will show in windy weather.

Work pants

Having a creative office job or being a freelancer means you can have more freedom in fashion. Wear work pants from a suit or ones that are not from a set. Add an elegant but minimalist dress and high-heels shoes. Pair all these with delicate jewelry and a big handbag for all this paperwork. No work pants in your wardrobe? Get some immediately since they are one of the basic pieces needed for dresses over pants outfits, but also for wearing them with a blouse and a refined jacket. Pair these pants with a shirt dress for a market research job or freelancing home office day.

Straight leg pants – are they suitable for this outfit?

Layering of pants with wide legs and a mini dress is what Louis Vuitton brought back to the catwalk. First it was long tunics but now dresses are in fashion when it comes to this trend. Not only slim fit pants are popular but different styles of pants – loose style as well. Vuitton’s effortless luxury was achieved by layering of various materials – black leather boots, loose white cotton pants, heavily beaded dress and an oversize fleece jacket.

Warmer days

If you wish to feel comfy but chic in the spring and summer months, style short leggings with a shirt dress from light fabric for a flattering look. Pull it off with ballet flats or sporty sneakers. Add a denim or corduroy jacket if you need extra warmth for the evening. Spring dresses with floral patterns, pastel colors or off-white ones are a sign of warmer days. Pull on pants underneath and you’re almost ready! Remember to accentuate the waist with a belt, a matching one for a minimalist look or in contrast color to break the style. Add a small clutch or a small handbag with some jewelry to finish the look.

What to shop for?

You can wear tailored jeans but also those with legs which are wide or even leggings. Such pants will make a cute look for spring but also other seasons. Khaki pants with a white dress and textured shirt underneath can style a flattering look. Rather buy dresses from a floaty fabric that are rather lightweight not to look too bulky. Pull it off with a matching jacket if it’s a colder day. Choosing pants or the dress, take those that are machine washable. Four way stretch fabric in clothes will provide extra comfort. Cool girls also tend to break the pants with dress look using a belt, so buy a few of those as well as a shirt if you want to put something under a sleeveless dress.

All in all, pair dress over pants for this year in any season and weather. Wear them with a jacket, sweater or a blazer. Dresses can be upgraded with a kidney or a fabric band if the belt got too boring for you. Have fun when you wear dress with pants and have a great mood while looking gorgeous.

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  1. I would never say that dress with pants underneath is a thing. Great article thanks for letting me know!

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