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A new, well-chosen hairstyle can improve the mood of many women. It also does not have to be done on natural hair. Nowadays, there are beautiful wigs available in various types that allow hairdressing experiments without harming your natural strands. How to choose a wig for your face so that it fits and creates a stunning look?

Choosing a wig for an oval face

A face with an oval shape is very common and almost all hairstyles fit it. Therefore, people with an oval face can choose almost any type of wig. So having such a face shape, it is worth experimenting with many types of wigs. You can test short hair and long hair. For example, people with an oval face will perfectly suit shoulder-length wigs and those with bangs.

It is also a good idea for people with an oval face to match the shade of the wig with the color of their eyes or with their outfits, for example, when going to a party. Colorful wigs that match an extravagant and unfussy creation are sure to make a big impression. For this purpose, you can choose a colorful wig. For an oval face, you can also choose monochromatic wigs.

How to choose a wig for a round face?

A round face is usually distinguished by a small forehead and full cheeks. Such a face should be elongated with a properly selected wig. In this case, long hair, preferably without bangs, will work very well. The wig should also be arranged in a natural way, for example in a straight form, with slightly curled ends.

People with round faces, on the other hand, should avoid short wigs or wigs that reveal temples and ears. As for the color scheme, you can enrich your image by choosing a demi purple wig. For a round face, a classic blonde wig with long straight hair will also work.

Wigs for triangular face – which ones to choose?

A triangular face is distinguished by its characteristic shape and prominent cheekbones. Such a face also often has a wider forehead and a small chin. For a triangular face will certainly fit a wig in the shape of the popular bob haircut. You can also choose half-length hair, parting it on the side. Such a face will also suit a wig with a longer fringe, combed to the side.

Those with a triangular face, on the other hand, should avoid wigs pinned up high or hairstyles that completely uncover the forehead. When it comes to colors, wigs of classic ones, like dark brown wig or black wig, will certainly suit a triangular face.

Square-shaped face and the selection of wigs

A square face has quite expressive facial features with a wide jaw. This face shape should be softened by choosing the right hairstyle. So it’s best to avoid square-cut wigs or straight mid-length wigs. It is also better not to do high updos so as not to emphasize the sharp features of the face.

Instead, it’s a good idea to round out the face by choosing layered wigs or wigs with a frayed, diagonal fringe. Wigs in various colors will also suit a square face – depending on personal preferences. For example, you can choose a short colorful or blonde wig.

Quality and durability of wigs

Regardless of the type of wig you choose, it should be made of the best materials – this includes both synthetic and natural hair. Wigs should also be made in a durable way, so that they will not get damaged even during intensive use. This also applies to wig caps, which are in direct contact with the head.

It is also advisable to use wigs and caps created from safe materials that do not irritate the skin or cause allergic reactions. In addition, wigs should be comfortable, even when wearing them for many hours. Wigs should also look natural and be easy to comb and style, as well as to clean and care for.
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