How to stretch out denim? Find out how to make your jeans bigger

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Having new pair of jeans? Or your favorite jeans got shrunk in the wash? Aren’t they fitting you perfectly now? Well in this article you will be able to find out how to deal with to small jeans and how to make them perfectly fit your body again. Keep reading to find out how to simply deal with the problem of too tight jeans.

How to make tight jeans bigger?

If you got yourself new pair of jeans and you are having troubles of putting them on, here you will be able to find out some solutions.

In fact the way of making your jeans bigger depends on the area of the pants which you have problem with. When the problem is thigh area you can try making them bigger with foam rollers and wearing the wet wants. To enlarge your jeans overall you can add elastic or patches extension with help of sewing. However if you feel like sewing is not your thing or you have no sewing machine you can try taking warm bath while wearing your jeans.

Making jeans bigger with sewing

If you know how to sew and sewing machine is nothing scarry to you, one of those methods will be just ideal for you.

Extension patches

Adding extension patches is the most popular method to make jeans bigger. Add a piece at either the seam’s side or along the center back. Follow those steps to reach the effect:

  • make all of the mesurements. Start with doing the mesurements of the weist, thighs, and then the hips,
  • cut your jeans very carefully to the length of your patch or panel. Toss them inside out,
  • when you do that stitch from side to side together with the fabric’s inner seam in which the cut ends,
  • now you will have to pin the patch or panel on your jeans,
  • now comes time for sewing the patch to your denim with an overcasting foot and stitch,
  • the final step is to iron the seam. Now toss the fabric right side out and sew a straight stitch starting down to the sides of both patches.

Adding this extension patches going to work amazing with high rise jeans.

Elastic Extension for the jeans waistband

Adding an elastic extension is probably the best idea because it will grow with you with help of this extra fabric. To reach the effect you should follow those steps:

  • choose the extansion with a similar width to the waistband of your jeans,
  • now what you have to do is to rip off the waistband with a seam ripper,
  • cut down the waistband,
  • this step is all about to pin the elastic from the sides (yes, waistband’s front too),
  • you should sew it up while keeping a 1/4 seam allowance. Sewing should be done backward and forward multiple times so you will be able to strengthen the seam,
  • now get ready for sewing the other side of your elastic,
  • now comes the time to reconvene the waistband. when you do that you should pin into position and then sew.

How to make your jeans bigger without sewing?

If sewing is not your thing or you aren’t fun of sewing machine there are few methods that you can use to deal with denim fabric. Follow up with the article to find out how to make jeans fit you.

Spray lukewarm water and pull the denim fabric

This is the easiest way to stretch your jeans. To use this method you will have to follow those steps:

  • put your jeans on the floor then get yourself a spray bottle and fill it with lukewarm water and spray jeans,
  • after you are done with first step you should stand on one of the leg of your jeans. Then bend down and use hands to stretch and pull the jeans while they are still wet,
  • when you done that with one pant leg you should do the same process with other pant leg,
  • keep adding warm water while stretching if they are starting to dry out while you still are pulling the fabric.

Use hair dryer

To make your pants bigger you can use hair dryer. To use this method you should follow steps, like:

  • put your jeans on the floor or somewhere the electrical socket,
  • place the jeans with their front side facing up,
  • after you do that spread out the jeans (this will make it easier for it to get even heat),
  • use hair dryer (put it on a medium setting) start heating your jeans,
  • hair dryer should be placed 15 cm above the pants,
  • keep moving the hair dryer to heat each area of the pants,
  • after you are done with heating the front side of the pants, repeat the process to the back side,
  • after you are done with the whole process you should stretch your jeans with your hands to the opposite sides.

Use waistband stretcher

If you have never heard of kind of thing its totally fine. In fact waist stretcher is very similar to shoes stretcher. As weird as it sounds this method works just fine.

All you will have to do is to wet the waistband with lukewarm water. Insert the stretcher, then turn the handle to expand. It is a good idea to leave it inserted overnight, or if you need more than an inch, you could check back in and give it a few more turns every few hours.

Use liquid fabric softener

Spray bottle on the table hold in the hand

Soking your jeans in warm water (remember not to have a hot water), a bit of fabric softener and some of the arm strength can make your jeans bigger. Follow the steps to reach the effect:

  • soak the waist of the jeans in warm water and add a bit of fabric softener in this water to make it easier for you to streatch it later on,
  • put your wet jeans on the floor (place a platic bag under it so the color won’t destroy it),
  • now unbotton your pants so it won’t get damaged,
  • now comes the time for streatching, so stand over the waistband of the jeans on one side and then bend down and pull the other side of the waistband,
  • now, after you stretch them in opposite directions dry out the jeans on a line.

Give your jeans a bath

This method is all about taking a bath in warm water for about 15 up to 20 minutes. When you are done with that you shall air dry them. Short and easy huh?

Whats awesome about taking a warm bath with the jeans on is going to work even for skinny jeans.

Use foam roller

Foam roller is going to work when you will want to stretch the thigh area. To do so you will have to follow few simple steps:

  • lay down the pants,
  • use a spray bottle filled with water which is going to be at room temperature to wet the pants (wet the jeans from the knee to the bottom part of the pocket on both sides),
  • now put the foam roller (you can use also the paper towels roll) into the pant leg and keep it there for about 10 up to 15 minutes.

Important informations

  • you should keep in your mind not to put wet jeans on any kind of bright carpet or towels, because indigo dye in the denim can very easily stain carpet or fabric,
  • before you will start sewing your jeans, rewash it because it will soften the fabric,
  • if you notice that your jeans stretch while sewing it in both the back and front of the needle (do not pull it),
  • jean stretching is going to be the best done when you need about 1 inch (2.5 cm) of extra room,
  • after you will stretch your jeans with use of water and other liquid things, put your jeans to washing machine before you decide to wear them.


Now you know how to get a perfect pair of jeans with help of those couple of methods called how to stretch jeans. You will for sure find something that is going to be in your style. With those advices you can save your favorite pair of jeans, so why not to try it out? Go for it and give your old jeans a new life.

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  1. I have always though that I will need sewing machine to stretch my jeans. Now I know that I were wrong all my life! Thanks for making it clear for me! I will for sure try out some of the way’s – maybe I wil start with taking bath with them! Sounds cool. Lovely article thanks again.

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