Leather pants outfit ideas – find out some ideas of your outfits

Woman wearing leather pants

Wearing leather pants may be common for you or maybe you have been considering leather for a long time now. Real leather pants or faux leather pants of good quality will last for ages and you can style them in many ways to create chic and sexy outfit ideas. With a black leather jacket or brown blazer. Have a look at what types of leather pants there are in fashion and what outfit is best for you!

Wear leather pants for every occasion

Black leather pants outfits are great for every occasion. Pair your leather trousers with a sweater and sneakers for a cool casual look or wear them with a shirt and loafers or heels for the office. Leather pants for a meeting with friends may also be your style.

Pair a crop top and leather shorts with sneakers or flip flop shoes which will be a cool style to enter the fashion summer days. However, winter is also a proper time for leather styles. Leather pants worn with a sweater and puffer coat will give you both warmth and style. Pair these leather pants with combat boots, a hat, and handbag to look cool in the cool weather. What other trendy outfit ideas are there in fashion?

Types of leather pants

Leather pants come to fashion in many styles and a variety of colors. This versatile leather piece is not exactly foolproof but with a little bit of practice you will create great leather pant outfit ideas both for winter but also for the summer!

Genuine leather pants

Genuine leather or real leather is usually made from cowhide, but leather from exotic animals or goats is also common. A pair of leather pants made from animals may cost a bomb in a regular shop or online one being some additional cost to your fashion collection, but it’s a sturdy and durable material, which means a pair of leather pants will last for many seasons. If you don’t want to contribute to fast fashion trends, go for second hand leather which will be still stylish but will mean more affordable leather pants with unique fashion pieces to be found.

Faux leather pants

Faux leather pants may be a bit more affordable leather pants than those from genuine leather but it may be worth investing a bit more in good quality leather pants. Faux leather is great for the environment and extremely chic with all its textures and colors. If you feel the ecological vibe buy faux leather pants or faux leather leggings and pair like regular leather pants to help the planet. Make sure the brand has a full disclosure on where the leather comes from.

Leather shorts

This leather look is great for warmer days with a t-shirt or crop top to pair it with. Opt for sneakers for a casual day or pair these leather pants with loafers and a blazer for the creative office look or a date night. Having leather shorts in your wardrobe will definitely help you create a chic easy summer outfit if you’re in a hurry.

Legging style leather pants

Leggings are skinny pants from thin material which makes them comfy and chic at the same time. Such a leather look is great for less formal occasions but also for the office. Pair a sweater dress with leather leggings and boots for winter or a long shirt and the same pants with high heeled shoes for an office leather look. Pairing such leather pants with a simple tee and a blazer is also an option.

Leather pants outfits

Woman is sitting on a suitcase wearing leather pants

For a fun summer look take a white textured t-shirt or a crop one and brown leather shorts which are a popular choice. To finish this outfit, find a black belt and black leather bag with gold accessories like jewelry. Add a blazer if you are planning to come back late to get extra warmth in the evening. This leather pants outfit gives you a feminine style and you will be admired by all fashion girls in your neighborhood!

Skinny leather pants

One of other leather pants outfit ideas is combining a silk loose blouse with skinny leather pants. Add heels and a blazer to get one of those classic outfits that never gets boring. Such a style can be worn with subtle jewelry with precious stones or floral motifs. Wear this trendy look for the office or for a date night.

Minimalist outfit

Wear leather pants for a minimalist outfit. Two pieces of leather in black color like a black leather coat and black leather pants with a beige sweater are a sign you know what’s going on in the fashion trends.

Another minimalist leather pants outfit you can create is wearing black leather pants with a black shirt and camel coat. Pairing it with heels will create a sexy look. Minimalism is one of the best styles to wear for casual and formal occasions. It makes it easy and fun to mix things since the whole wardrobe looks fashionable no matter how you style it.

Leather pants will create endless leather pants outfits like a black leather jacket with black leather pants and any blouse. Add some matching shoes and here you go! Leather pants outfit is ready!

Khaki outfit ideas

Khaki is your favorite type of leather pants? Women tend to pair them with a white turtleneck sweater and a dark blazer. Wear leather pants with dark green color with mustard yellow sweater or blouse for a casual style or style this pair of leather pants with white dress on top and mules for a fashionable yet casual day.

Black leather pants or faux leather leggings – leather statement

Once you get to style leather pants, you will fall in love with them at first sight. Sexy and stylish, these pants work for endless fashion ideas so if you don’t have a pair of leather pants, shop for them immediately! Women love them as they can be worn with style with wider leg fits or skinny leather pants. Style them with minimalism or with contrasting colors; as you wish! Good luck with styling leather pants!

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