Oversized blazer outfit – find out how to style oversized blazer

Women wearing oversized blazers

You have never tried styling an outfit with oversized clothes? Or maybe you’re not particularly fond of blazers and they don’t look cute for you? Let’s be adventurous and give those oversized blazer outfit ideas a try! You’ll never be disappointed with a classic black blazer or boyfriend blazer you have just borrowed.

Oversized blazer – a must have

Although oversized clothes are a bit more tricky for styling than a T-shirt, it’s worth learning new skill of how to throw a suit on your silhouette and not look too slouchy. An oversized blazer is a statement which will bring any outfit to a higher level and you will fall in love with blazers at first sight.

Types of oversized blazers

Being a versatile and bold inspiration, a blazer comes in many colors, textiles, and styles. Although each year the blazer trend in fashion is different, an oversized blazer is a classic piece you can keep for many seasons. Paired with right shoes and a bottom like a skirt, a dress, or a pair of fitted jeans, it gives many options for outfit ideas.

The boyfriend blazer may have shoulder pads for a more edgy look or may come without them for more cute ideas. You can take a blazer from a two piece suit or it may be alone. Throw an oversized blazer from one suit and pair it with trousers from a different suit outfit. A plethora of ideas on the fashion market today will blow your mind!

Textured or printed

No matter if you’re visiting the men’s department or you’re looking at women’s fashion, blazers come in many patterns. Delicate checked blazers are most common but if you don’t want to pull off a look with a jacket, you can also pair your clothes with striped or spotted oversized blazers, or with the one with animal prints.


A plain oversized blazer is a style in fashion that will be a trend for many years to come. This type is the easiest one to style so go for this oversized blazer outfit if you’re new to the topic. Plain blazers are most often in black and white spectrum and in shades of blue and brown, yet some bold colors like green or orange are available too.

Oversized blazer outfit ideas

Pairing an oversized blazer in any color, black tee, black leggings and dark combat boots is the easy and casual outfit which can be worn for numerous occasions. Add some chic jewelry and you can go anywhere! Style also black combat boots with blue jeans and gray textured oversized blazer for another look with style. Add a turtleneck for colder days or graphic tee if it’s not so chilly. For a more classic and chic style, change those boots for heels.

Oversized blazer with tight sweater

Women wearing oversized blazers

Style a gray oversized blazer with a white tight sweater, blue fitted pants and white booties and this oversized blazer outfit will give you comfy style for colder days. Change the pants and sweater for a dress for the spring and summer look. Finish everything with accessories like handbag, hat and silver jewelry. If you’re wearing a dress, add a belt to accentuate the waist.

Knee high boots

Knee high boots with a boyfriend blazer can look great. Try black leather boots with a plain black or gray checked oversized blazer or even dark green rubber boots with a brown striped blazer. Such inspiration is great for fall, when you can add a pair of jeans, or for summer, with a skirt. If wearing a skirt, add the belt and a matching handbag. One of the styling outfit ideas will be a convertible handbag which turns into a backpack.

Knee high boots & fitted pants

Another oversized outfit will be wearing black knee high boots with black fitted pants, a fitted sweater or a shirt in neutral color. Pair those with a bold printed or checked oversize blazer for a business casual look or a date night. Change the turtleneck and trousers for a dress if you prefer more airy ideas.

Skirt or maybe shorts?

What about a skirt or shorts at the bottom? These are also a great trend. Style then just like regular trousers. For example, wear a striped white skirt with a plain white tee or turtleneck with a black or navy boyfriend blazer. Such a look can be worn with a black leather bag and a beret. Use the belt to draw attention to the waist and keep the silhouette in good proportions. Such a cute outfit may be finished off with dark heels or shoes like loafers.

One of chic outfit ideas will be black bike shorts with brown oversized blazers. Wear them with dark chunky boots and gold accessories. Cute black bike shorts also get on well with a loose tee and sports shoes. Wear an oversized blazer with this look to get a casual outfit. For fall or winter, change the bike shorts for regular slim fit trousers, midi dress, or a midi skirt, wearing those with warm tights. A dress or skirt in such outfit ideas works well with a belt, which accentuates you waist, and is great for a date night. Wear heels or booties for a more feminine look. Remember about the accessories!

Oversized blazers -not only for the office

After trying to style the oversized blazer you will definitely love this chic and casual but not slouchy look. Add heels and use less colors for a more formal style. Oversize blazer is a comfy piece that will upgrade your style and bring new outfit ideas. What oversized outfit will you wear today?


A blazer is a statement itself but wearing it with high waisted jeans and a cropped T-shirt is even better. Try styling it with a pair of trainers and a sporty handbag. For a similar trend, wear boyfriend blazers and pair them with a knee length skirt from denim or a simple dress. Now you probably know everything about oversized blazer outfit!

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  1. Oversized blazer outfit is what I was always dreaming of. Now I know how to make it look awesome thanks to you. Thank you so much for making me know so much new styles.

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