Timeless fashion – find out the rules of timeless style!

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It is not a secret that some things never go out of style. Clothing, and especially latest trends are a reaccuring proof that some fashion pieces are never becoming forgotten or swept away. Having the incredible ability to always replenish an outfit, timeless fashion pieces are utterly versatile clothes beyond an expiration date. Continue to find out the never changing rules of timeless and sustainable fashion.

Timeless fashion – what is it?

Have you ever stood in front of your closet and wondered “Why is my wardrobe so not stylish”? The reason behind that sort of statement is probably pretty simple. You’ve not accomodated enough basics to stay in the timeless fashion. Despite having a personal style, there are certain clothes and outfits that are an absolute must to create a timeless look, which will definitely fit the body shape along with appeasing personal preferences. Start with plain but iconic – black dress, black pants (ideally wide ones), denim or leather jackets, trench coat, casual shirts, sweathers and heels. Let go of trends, however tempting they are they’re probably be gone by the next season.

Developing your personal style never forget about you

Whether you prefer classic, sophisticated or you rather focus on enviroment in the world of fast fashion, be yourself in the way you look. That itself will instantly improve your outfit confidence.

Creating a new closet is definitely a challenge. You need time and money to invest in good quality clothing, be mindful about your body type and shop pieces that will make you feel comfortable, chic and classic. While choosing a musts, try to look for a little black dress that would fit in both sophisticated crowd, paired with classic, dark heels and some golden jewelry, as well as a work fit, along with a neutral color shoes and wooly sweather. Black pants are also an obligaction – from fun, party outfits with brand new make up prouducts and quality blazers, to timeless, classic coffee look, paired with big sunglasses. Blue jeans are another classic, that will never go out of style. Ideally, try to pair it with golden jewelry, accessories like classic bags ora sweater, and to feel comfortable enough, invest in an organic cotton shirts. They may cost more money than the sintetic ones, but at least you’ve got the quality guaranteed.

Having  enough plain and basic items will no longer be a struggle

To be honest  thousands of people find fun in choosing their daily clothes. What is it today? White dress shirt paired with a leather blazer or a linen shirt and jeans?

Timeless fashion has more good qualities than only a sense of style. In the developing world of sustainable fashion, trashing trends acquired in their prime of life every season is not a right stratedy to follow. A focus on the environment has been a definitive factor in the developing world of self awareness and has a true meaning in the definition of a timeless closet. Wearing classic clothing is not only a stylish way of presenting yourself, but also a less frequent opportunity to trash the clothes after one use. Trench coat will be always a good pick to wear anywhere paired with a wrap dress or classic, casual white dress shirt. Those are the items that will stay in your closet despite your growing collection, a new trend or a friend’s style tips – they just fit them all.

Timeless fashion and body shape

Three women with different body types

Have you ever asked yourself how do those timeless fashion and body shape collocate and are women around the world forced to fit into one genre of timeless pieces?

Bodies are different, and so it is no suprise that different women will look differently in the same clothes. There are many styles of timeless fashion that fit a certain body type, race and clasify women according to what they look like, which is not essentially a bad thing unless it’s mearly focused on white, thin women. However, a counterpart is that there is equally similar amount of styles that will fit them all. Neutral color pieces, chic accessories, bags, jeans, heels and good quality shirts are the basics and the very archetypes of timeless fashion pieces that every woman, despite her height, weight or size will feel good and stylish in. Actually, the very key to feeling good in dresses fitting all body shapes is to find a real confidence first. Timeless pieces might actually help, with their long history of women proudly wearing them and embracing their curves and bodies. Low rise jeans, classic, absolutely stunning black dresses, quality blazers, versatile golden jewelry and brand new heels are a definition of lookin’ good, while feelin’ good.

Rumors – “They are more expensive than trends, though”

It’s said about timeless fashion pieces that they are more expensive than tends. Is that so? Or is it just a manipulating rumor that subcontiously forces women to spend their money on trends?

Classic doesn’t mean expensive. Of course, it’s good and even essential to invest in full of quality and sustainable fashion, yet it is not expected to buy a Prada white dress shirt. There are a lot of ways to get good and timeless clothing at decent price and enough quality for them to remain usable for more than a couple years. Looking for a trench coat, blazers or jackets? Go thrifting locally or search the web. Many times people don’t realise how valuable those are for wardrobe of a basic wearing person. Pants, dresses or shoes? Hunt for sales or promotions in your local stores, yet be mindful about sustainability and environment, since in the world of fast fashion it’s not really ethical to buy at chain stores without research. An expensive pieces worthy investing though would be definitely a versatile jewelry – hoop earrings, chains, bracelets and rings, ideally golden or silver since they look way better than fake ones and give a sense of cleaness and linen up the shape of the face. Also, they give a sophisticated vibe and make you look way more chic.


Apart from all, timeless fashion should always be about you and the way you feel in the clothes you wear and outfits you pick. Remember – trends come and go, opinions and looks change, yet these clothes are capable of making you feel like a million dollars anytime you want.

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  1. Timeless fashion is such a good thing. Im big fun of it and I love this that this amazing article speaks of a body shape and a timeless fashion. Great job is done here which is really thankful for!

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