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A sheer dress may seem challenging since it is a transparent dress and you feel that bold see through outfits are not for you. However, sheer clothing is trendy and learning how to create an outfit with a sheer skirt or dress might be a fun activity. Only a runaway trend or a great idea for the next clothing purchase? What to wear under a see-through dress? How to fix see-through dress? Read on to get key tips on how to style sheer outfits!

How do celebrities wear those?

How do we get to know a new fashion trend? From TV and the red carpet, of course. Many celebrities wear a transparent dress for some awards ceremonies. Now and then the fashion world feels indignant when some body parts become extremely visible or the outfit is not the best one.

However, many stars know how to play the fashion game and for instance Zendaya wore a green partly see through dress. Her outfit had a delicate look and she seemed to feel comfortable wearing this maxi dress. Phoebe Dynevor, who was wearing a Louis Vuitton black maxi dress, achieved a demure look. She used the same color lingerie and managed to fit to the dress code at the Met Gala. Jennifer Lawrence has also considerable experience with experimenting on the topic of sheer dresses.

Sheer dress – treat it like a coat or like a typical dress?

The fashion industry shows two main options of styling sheer dresses elegantly. First of all, treat the sheer mini dress or any type of sheer clothing like a coat – style it on top of your outfit. Fashion lovers may have noticed the second trend – wearing the sheer look with good undergarments. These two fashion tips may be the inspiration; be creative and try also other styles you find pleasing.

Right undergarments

Right underwear is not only a key to wearing sheer clothing properly, it is the base to feel comfortable wearing any garment. Here come a few tips on how to wear the undergarments with sheer dress for a sophisticated look.

One of the ways to create an outfit with sheer clothing is to be completely covered. Wear a see-through dress with nude lining for adequate cover. You can also wear the lingerie in nude color for maximum coverage. Tip: stay with nude color for the shoes to visually elongate your legs.

Another way to style a sheer mini dress or a maxi one is to follow the runaway trend of contrast. Think what color can best compliment your sheer piece; for instance, wear white undergarments with a pink see through dress. Wear a pink see through banded top with black lingerie.

Last but not least, there is the slip dress. Is it for sleeping? Is it for outings? Many fashion tips on blogs comment that it can be worn outside freely. A slip dress is usually tight-fitting to the body so wear it under a more loose or over-sized see through maxi dress or try a slip instead.

Types of sheer dresses

A see-through dress comes in many colors, styles and cuts. Invest rather in better quality dresses in order not to end up with oversize or undersized body. See-through dress can be with some coverage, such as embroidered flowers or sequins, or without any coverage. Whether you need to wear invisible lingerie or not depends on how much the dress covers.

Slip dress under a sheer dress?

Wear a white dress which is quite transparent with a tight dress underneath or a slip dress. Think of the occasion when you’re going to have this outfit – for more formal ones, transparent dresses should be paired with adequate cover. You can experiment with the slip dress contrasting it to the sheer clothing. Try also wearing sheer skirts and sheer tops to create great outfits. Sheer does not only mean dresses!

For maximum style – sheer maxi dress

A sheer maxi dress paired with a bathing suit is a great way to dress for the beach. High-waisted briefs might draw attention to the waist if you think that this part of your body is most attractive. What you wear underneath can also be a neutral blouse and jeans. Wear heels with this outfit paired with a handbag and you’ve achieved a gorgeous overall look. White top with blue or black jeans finished with a colorful transparent dress will be amazing!

Another idea is to wear see-through maxi with a slip underneath. Add heels, sandals, or espadrilles depending on the day. Why not try sneakers if you feel like you need a comfy outfit for harder days? Colorful slip and a white see-through maxi or a see-through skirt is also a great idea. Search through sheer tops to match the one to the skirt. Add a denim jacket for extra warmth and boots.

Other ideas

Google searches and ideas from above still don’t inspire you? Try out a see-through shirt! This can be a little trial for your fashion skills but don’t give up. Style it with regular trousers in the lower half and sneakers remembering about right undergarments.

To maintain the increasing momentum of your style career, check out regular dresses with sheer clothing. What else to wear under a see-through dress? Why not wear a normal T-shirt and skirt under a transparent dress. Try also a white top, see-through mini, jeans and heels or white dress which is transparent complimented by denim shorts and the same color top.

See through shirt, dress or skirt – style and comfort

As you can see, sheer clothing is not as scary as it seems and if you style it right and can give you a great look. Remember that with sheer clothing you need to keep in mind proper undergarments or a slip. Wearing sheer clothes may upgrade your look so get started on styling those see-through clothes! Good luck!

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  1. I would never think that see through clothes may be such popular things. Thanks to you guy’s and your article I will be checking this out. Fashion Im coming!

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