Oversize shirt outfit – find out how to style an oversized shirt

Woman wearing black oversized t-shirt and jeans

Oversized shirts are nowadays way past being out of style. Check the best ways to style oversized shirts which are given in this article.

How to style an oversized shirt though?

Baggy clothes have taken over the world in recent years. Definition of what’s stylish or not has definitely taken a great leap into the world of fashion trends. Baggy outfits, oversized tees and a variety of accessories are the very bases of fashion rules. Yet, many people tend to find struggle to pair a good, loose, oversized outfit. Well, in most cases, the problem is the very clothes. For that, obviously, invest in oversized t shirts. Those can be easily found in thrift or chain stores. You don’t have to go with the most stylish looking ones. In most cases, even the worst oversized t shirt is going to look good while tucked right. For a color or shape ideas and inspiration, look online. Find out what looks good on you. Colors that fit the shade of your skin or the color of your eyes will be the most in style. You may go with button down whites or black shades or experiment with more vibrant wearing. Clothes are meant to embrace you, so remember to personalize your closet.

Perfect ways to wear oversized shirts – how difficult is that?

Remember – there is no one way to wear an oversized t-shirt. With so many styling ideas, surely you’ll find the best way to wear them. As for the closet, try to focus on both fun and style. Invest in white oversized shirt, an oversized graphic tee, loose pants and stylish heels. While choosing an outfit, reffer to the occasion. For a lazy day, focus on feeling comfy. Choose a casual gym pants, a pair of small, gold hoop earrings and an oversized t-shirt. That’ll make you feel both in fashion and comfy. Just with those three items, there are endless outfit ideas. For a date night, pull off the opposite. Slip dress, buttons undone oversized shirt with the shoulders exposed and stylish, black heels will make all eyes look on you. Running errands is a great opportunity for skinny jeans, casual oversized tee and combat boots. Denim jacket would be also a nice add. Worn this way, all of the items will make your outfit look both casual and go with the trend. For fun accessories, go with a classic bag and sunglasses. All of these outfits would make a great fashion statement. Bonus points for using the forgotten items from your closet for new ways to wear!

To hide or to show off ? The art of tying an oversized t-shirt

Woman is wearing an oversized pink top

Despite so many ways to wear an oversized shirt, it’s still a struggle for people to fit it correctly. Bodies are way too various for people to get inspiration only from the size 0 models. To style oversized clothes correctly, it’s essential to know your body type. Where to tie something or how to embrace the waist or the curves are quite important to look good. An oversized shirt outfit doesn’t have to look baggy. There are a few ideas to get the oversized shirt tucked perfectly. The best way is to get an oversized top. If it’s rather short, it’ll create a confident vibe and paired with pants or a skirt, fit in trend. Adding a short, leather jacket and boots will spice up the outfit. Best oversized shirts look the most fashionable tucked in jeans. Definitely paired with white sneakers and a stylish, shoulders revealing sweater. For that, consider french tuck, since it looks way more stylish than a classic one. It’s also fun and in fashion to incorporate trousers with buttons for the baggy outfits. They’re a great way to show off your curves and look incredible with boots and jacket. Remember, you don’t have to look a certain way or be too skinny or too curvy to wear an oversized clothing. Comfy clothes worn with confidence are the very key!

Both comfy and classic – ways to wear oversized shirt dress

To suprise the skeptics, oversized shirt outfit is indeed pretty versatile. Though t-shirt is an item associated with crude fashion, it is truly not. Worn the right way, they make a perfect example of the group of wardrobe staples. In most cases, it’s the matter of a good tie, choice of trousers, boots or just a trend. To pull off a good, oversized dress outfit, it’s best to find the perfect belt. A dress can be easily made from an oversized t shirt. Using a french tuck, you creat a stylish, casual, loose outfit. Girly and elegant enough, makes a great one for every opportunity. Even just a casual running errands. Another ways to style oversized shirts into dresses is using an oversized graphic tee. Button down, with white sneakers. It creates this timeless, young look that gives off the best summer vibe. Try pairing it with fun sunglasses, red lipstick and new hairstyle. Together, it’ll present itself as perfect, in style match. Actually, an oversized dress outfit doesn’t have to be a loose one. If you tuck your shirt the right way, it’ll appear stylish and easily go with the fashion flow. Wearing casual, oversized button down with a short crop top and a pair of wedges is not only going to look classy, but also appear casual and delicate.


Oversized shirts pose a great, versatile element of a stylish closet. Hopefully, with our tips, you’ll make them look their best!

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