Find out what color go with navy blue clothes – fashion time is now on

Woman in navy blue dress is dancing in a living room

Do you associate navy blue only with boring office suits or bland outfit? Is this a color reserved only for denim trousers? Definitely not! Read on and find out how to style navy blue in any outfit! Create timeless looks with these easy outfit ideas!

What is navy blue?

Navy blue is the color between black and blue which got its name from the uniforms of the Royal Navy outfit. This dark blue color used to be called marine blue but the navy blue name stuck to it much better. Find out more about any outfit in this dark blue color!

Navy blue not only for The British Royal Navy!

Navy blue can be a great color for any age and style and outfit. Give a newborn navy blue pants and contrast them with a sky blue T-shirt and you get a stylish baby. Navy coat worn by a young adult with other navy pieces means a chic minimalistic outfit. Slimming navy blue dress for a 40+ lady paired with white shoes will create a marine outfit vibe. As we can see, it’s a perfect color, extremely versatile and foolproof. Find the color combination of an outfit you like best!

With what colors should I style navy blue?

Have you got navy blue pants but don’t know what can go with navy? First of all, stylists recommend looking at the color wheel before pulling off any outfit. Find the blue color and check which colors are on the opposite side. As you see, these are bright colors – orange but also red and yellow in this category you will also find mustard yellow or light brown to pair with your navy blue pants. This means you can wear navy blue with such neon colors but that’s not all. Wear navy blue with a classic color or neutral color. You can choose white, black or brown. Why not wear navy blue with a bit darker shade? Sapphire will go with navy blue really well.

For a bold look, consider wearing vibrant colors like purple, deep pink, lime green, solid red, periwinkle, peach parfait or aloe green. Such colors go with navy perfectly. Wearing these will create an eye catching outfit. For a softer look, style two shades of blue like navy blue and a lighter shade of blue. Other ideas for this particular outfit would be such complementary colors as royal type of blue, pacific blue, crystal blue, pine green or army green. Such a simple outfit proves that fashion is for everybody! Perfect complement for navy would be brown and its shades such as beige. Wear most of the outfit in navy with brown shade accessories.

Outfit ideas

Navy blue is a shade which allows for every color combination. It is advised to use it for every part of the outfit. Wear navy clothes like a dress, navy pants, navy jacket and many more. What about wearing a yellow outfit with a navy bag and belt or the other way round? Navy monochrome and silver jewelry? Options are endless with this versatile color. Which colors go with navy and how to style them?

Navy dress

Woman wearing lovely navy blue dress

Pair a navy dress with a navy blazer, dark tights and black shoes for the office and wear the same dress with a white striped sweater and loafers for an outing with friends. Navy blue dress without sleeves will work well if you try wearing it with a white shirt underneath and silver boots for any occasion. If you wear a dress in navy, try yellow tights and yellow sweater for a chic but crazy outfit!

Navy pants

Go for navy dress pants, look at the color wheel and choose a bold tee, orange, purple or green, for a casual look. Pull it off with a navy blazer and dark shoes or footwear in beige tone. Wear the navy blue pants matching them with shades of brown in the rest of the clothes in your outfit. To get a great contrast, wear navy at the bottom with a white tee and navy blue jacket. The accessories can come in other neutrals.

Summer outfits

Wear orange shorts and navy textured T-shirt for a holiday outfit. Add blue or orange accessories or some other complimentary color. Such an outfit will guarantee great fun! Another idea is beige clothes with navy extras like earrings or a hat and belt. Royal blue top with navy skirt from denim and matching colors or the same shade for shoes – white, dark blue or the whole neutral palette is what you can wear with this look. Light green cap, navy shorts and a blue top are perfect for a hot summer day or sightseeing. Wearing those with minimal accessories will make everybody admire your style and extraordinary outfit.

Wear navy blue for special occasions

You can wear navy blue for weddings, job interviews, or business meetings. It’s simple but stylish with a blue or white shirt. Be careful if you wear yellow or green for such days. Too much may spoil the outfit! What you wear with navy blue for special events should be in a shade of black, white or brown, as a safest choice. Wear navy for such days to get an elegant outfit and have a great day!

Navy blue forever!

All colors go with navy blue so get ready to buy a few dark blue basics. Yellow or orange color shirt will create an eye catching look with navy pants or black pants and navy accessories. Wearing navy is also easy with brown or its shade – beige. Wear navy blue on top, bottom, or all over your clothes. More difficult colors like red and green also go with navy. Navy can be worn during all seasons. Take a color shirt and pull it off with navy jeans for a stylish office look.

Remember that many colors go with navy which means you can buy a few navy clothes to have the navy basics for your outfits. Your navy basics will be worn a lot so make sure they are good quality clothes. Navy blue monochrome outfit will be an easy choice for any day you’re too tired to think of clothes. No matter how you wear navy, you will always have a stylish look. Have fun with navy blue!

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  1. I have always thought of navy blue clothes like something bad looking. Now I know I was tatally wrong! thanks for such good job done here and changing my mind.

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